Best Non-Chinese Smartphones Under 25000

 Best Non-Chinese Smartphones Under 25000

If you have a budget of around Rs. 25000 and you’re looking for the best Non-Chinese smartphone, you’ll end your search over here for sure. This article is a followup to Best Non-Chinese Smartphones Under 15K In India, 2020 and contains the best products with the best features available in non-Flagship category.

The Best non-Chinese Smartphones Under Rs. 25000

Here’s the list of the top 5 non-Chinese smartphones under Rs. 25000, with the most expensive product at the top. We hope to give your search a full stop in this post. Read on…

Samsung Galaxy S9 (Rs. 24999)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best Non-Chinese smartphone which you can find before expanding your budget to the flagship division. This product itself comes in three variants with the prices ranging from Rs. 24999 to 59999. However, the 4 GB RAM variant with 64 GB ROM is available for Rs. 24999. This 169 g smartphone comes with a 2.7 GHz Octa-core processor, which is powered by Samsung. Also, the users get an AmoLED display of 5.8″ along with a 16M colour scheme. The design of the device is completely metallic and it has one of the best best smartphone features. While using Android 8.0, it comes with a great camera of 12+8 MP with Autofocus and flash on each camera. Besides, it has a 4K UHD video recording with a powerful 3000 mAh battery.

Best non-Chinese smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9

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Apple iPhone 7 (Rs. 19999)

The core consumer base of Apple isn’t the common middle income group. Even then, if you want to flaunt an Apple product by deepening your pocket by a small margin, it’s quite affordable — at least iPhone 7 is. With a comparatively smaller screen size of 4.7″, this is the best Non-Chinese smartphone available by brand value. It comes with Apple A10 Fusion processor with iOS 10 as the smartphone OS. Also, the camera available in this device is a 12+7 MP camera with a recording capacity of 4K UHD. The battery with the phone is of 1920 mAh capacity and it comes with a 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM to carry out your tasks in the device. Also, an exclusive feature of this smartphone is Siri who needs no introduction whatsoever.

Best non-Chinese smartphone iPhone 7

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Samsung Galaxy A50s (Rs. 18599)

If you’re a photographer and cannot carry your camera everywhere, this is the best Non-Chinese smartphone that can do the needful. With a triple camera of 48+5+8 MP on the rear face, it captures detailed pictures. Also, it has a 32 MP camera on the front to facilitate a UHD vlogging or a live stream. The flash comes with both the cameras along with Autofocus technology. The display of the device is of 6.4″ and it comes with a super AmoLED technology to protect your eyes. With a 4 GB RAM and an extra large ROM of 128 GB, you get 107 GB of free space. This will help you save tons of high quality images and videos on your device. To facilitate further, this smartphone comes with a hybrid SIM slot which can accommodate an SD card as well. Other than that, it has a 4000 mAh battery for seamless recording and usage and it has a USB Type C port with fast charging. Therefore, if pictures and videos are your thing, Samsung Galaxy A50s is your product.

Best non-Chinese smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50s

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Nokia 7.2 (Rs. 18499)

Your search for the best Non-Chinese smartphone will end for sure here if you want a smartphone with a great camera as well as a great performance. This smartphone running on Android 10 with a Snapdragon 660 processor is all you need to be a gamer as well as a photographer. This is the best best Non-Chinese smartphone in its category when it comes to performance, although a few cons come due to the price glitches. This device has a 48+5+8 MP camera with another 20 MP front camera. Although it doesn’t allow an UHD recording, the 1080p recording is supported. With a 3500 mAh battery, it has a huge running time and you won’t need to carry your charger everytime. The 6.3″ display comes with 0.5″ quad pixel resolution and it supports 512 GB of microSD storage. If fast charging isn’t a concern, you may go for this device and enjoy its features.

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HTC Wildfire X (Rs. 16999)

If you want a metallic body smartphone not based in China, then this is the best Non-Chinese smartphone which will fulfil your needs. It comes with a 6.2″ screen size and a full HD display to mesmerise the looks of the phone. Also, it’s completely packed with a triple camera of 12+5+8 MP to let you capture high detail pictures. With a huge storage of 128 GB, this will rule out the needs of an external storage. But, this is not your gaming smartphone as it has a 4 GB RAM with 2.0 GHz processor. Although it’s Octa-core but high graphics aren’t fully loaded in this phone. Other than that, this device is the cheapest and the best you can get when going outside 15000 range.

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Final Words

Here we conclude our list of the best Non-Chinese smartphones with 10 of them in two of our posts. Make a strong choice, based on your needs and don’t waste your money. We’ll keep this list updated as and when required.

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