Indian Mobile Companies – All You Need to Know

 Indian Mobile Companies – All You Need to Know

As you must be aware of the rise of emotion to boycott all Chinese products amongst all Indian citizens after the corona pandemic. It took a patriotic angle when the Chinese army killed 20 brave Indian soldiers in the Galvan Valley. Now, you must be thinking about phones that are to the full extent India-based. If you ask me then no, there are no such brands that are genuinely making mobile phones in India. Give this article a read to know how Indian mobile companies work.

List of Five  Best Indian Mobile Companies 

1) Micromax

2) Lava

3) Xolo

4) Karbonn Mobile

5) Intex Technologies 

All five brands mentioned above are Indian but this doesn’t imply that they are manufacturing mobiles in India. In reality, these brands either assemble mobile phones in India by importing most of the parts or they directly purchase mobile phones in bulk from China and sell them at a higher rate in India after rebranding those phones with their logo. In simple words, the design and material is China-based but the brand name is Indian.

Until 2013, Indian brands like Micromax, Intex, Xolo, etc. were doing ingenious business but after that China changed its policy. It started exporting products straightforward into the Indian market. This resulted in Indian brands to lose their market due to extended competition.

As of now, a lot of Chinese brands like Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme cover over 72% of the Indian market. On the other side of the coin, Micromax and other such Indian brands are struggling to maintain less than 1% market share.  To know more about Micromax, you may read this post.

Five Best Mobile Phones Manufactured in India

1) Samsung A71

2) Nokia 6.2

3) Samsung M40

4) Samsung M30

5) Lava Z20


However, the Made In India campaign has turned out to be really helpful in strengthening the Indian start-ups and their position but still, there is a long race to win. As it is absurd to expect a full in-house manufacturing industry in a few days.

If we start manufacturing in India and provide our own goods to our countrymen then no doubt, this will result in a huge rise in economy and employment. Therefore, we should prioritize the Made In India initiative.

At last and most importantly, we need to have some faith in Indian companies and start-ups so that they can stand against global companies. Further, if you have any queries regarding this write-up then kindly drop your questions in the comment box. We would love to assist you.


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